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The 1391’s design is imbued with musical influence; drawing inspiration from Patti Smith’s visit to London in 1977, where she played at The Rock Garden in Soho. This trip marked a moment in London and New York’s cultural history, where both sides of the Atlantic were simultaneously experiencing artistic liberation.


This frame borrows from our own extensive archive, echoing the original 0692 and 0137 whilst reminiscent of the classic American acetates found in Graham Cutler’s personal archive. The 1391 is a generously proportioned rectangle frame that exudes personality and charm. Notice the nod to its musical inspiration with the newly designed temple core in the design of a Fret Board as found on guitars.

One Size  53 -21 – 150

Case & microfibre cloth supplied
  • Brush Stroke
  • Ice Blue
  • C&G (1391 Ice Blue a of 64)
  • C&G (1391 Ice Blue c of 64)
  • C&G (1391 Ice Blue b of 64)
  • 1391 Brush stroke Front
  • 1391 Brush stroke side
  • 1391 Brush stroke side close up
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